Merry Christmas and Happy New YearMerry Christmas and Happy New YearOn the eve of 2018 I want to thank the creative people from all over the world who took part in our festivals in 2017.
Thank you for your breathtaking performances – that gave us the inexhaustible energy of your talent, feelings of gratitude and happiness for the opportunity to enjoy your creativity.
Your performances truly embody the elegance embodying the best traditions of international cultural meetings, it is your brilliance and friendliness that help our team create international cultural events turning them into stunning and emotional events. Thank you for your passion!
We thank our loyal partners, for their professionalism, inexhaustible diligence, trust and support. Thank you for the interesting and exciting work thanks to which you give people from all over the world the great happiness to participate in international cultural meetings organized by FIESTALONIA!

Happy holidays to you and fulfillment of all your dreams in the coming 2018!

The cultural events organized by FIESTALONIA  in 2017, were attended by representatives from 48 countries!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year The list of the participating countries in 2017

South Korea, Moldova , Poland , Germany, Cyprus , France, Argentina, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Singapore, USA, Japan, Czech Rep., Costa Rica, UAE, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Hungary, Norway, Croatia, China, Serbia, Canada, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Australia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia , Georgia , Indonesia, Iran , Russia , South Africa, Egypt , Cuba , Uzbekistan , Israel, Latvia, Lithuania , Estonia , Ukraine, India